Blow your reader away.

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office-1590844_640.jpgYou’ve finished that final draft. This is your first stop for genius, glory-inspired editing and mind-blowing, brilliant book covers.

Beaulistic provides book services geared specifically to help you publish the best possible version of your story.


Your job is to write. Our job is to make sure what you write can sell. There’s nothing worse than buying a book on Amazon and realizing the author didn’t care enough about her work to get it professionally edited. No reviews are bad—bad reviews are worse!

Your mom’s opinion doesn’t count. “Oh, honey, you’re so talented!” If she’d take off her mom goggles for a minute, she’d know her son doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re.

There’s a world of difference between “feeling your nuts” and “feeling you’re nuts”!

That’s where we come in (don’t get any funny ideas). We want your book to succeed and what that usually means is an editor who isn’t afraid to throw some red ink all over your manuscript.

Contact us to get a free 2,000 word edit. We’ll make sure you’re not beyond hope and you make sure we’re going to do the job you hoped for.

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